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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  January 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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their car and try to drive over the water to get away. their car got stuck fortunately before it fell all the way in. this is what the father says about their heroineing situation. >> i pulled out my three children and my wife and we tried to take off. the car started filling up with water. >> they felt the street buckle and the car went down a little bit and the water wasn't at that point all that deep and they were able to get out. now coming up at five you'll hear what this or deal was like in the words of the seven-year-old boy. taking out of his bed and put in a car and then finding himself standing in cold water. it's quite a story. abc seven news. >> coming up at 4:30 meet a
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woman who says her basement flooded after a water main break in vienna. now seven on your side investigator is working to find out why the town won't help. >> the overnight storm watch gave way to a sunny but cold day all across the area. schools were closed there as well as wince william and montgomery and prince charles's. the clock is ticking for you to clear your sidewalks after all the snow. in arlington and montgomery counties you have 24 hours from when the snow stopped falling. that would be about midnight tonight. you get 48 hours in prince george's county and eight in the district. if you haven't shovelled yet you already missed the deadline. >> even though it didn't do much damage in our area that massive
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winter storm is causing problems. while it is moving tout sea the problems at the airports and train stations could linger for day. we are live at reagan national airport with some of the local impacts. susan. well, scott we are seeing planes coming and going out of reagan national airport. but it is still proving to be a struggle to get in and out of the northeast. delays and cancellations being the norm on both trains and planes. amtrak has been experiencing delays between d.c. and new york city with a suspension of service between new york city and boston and reagan national it's a waiting game looking to get rebooked or find anyway possible to get to their destination. >> had a flight for tomorrow morning which is the earliest i could get. when i checked this it's bumped to 10:30. i have to keep trying to keep up with it. >> it's a little frustrating,
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but when you live in the northeast or live on the east coast you have to be prepared for weather change like this. >> a lot of people are just trying to go with the flow, coming up tonight at 5 o'clock we'll tell you about a pair of travellers that have been traveling for 48 hours. and they still aren't home yet. reporting live at reagan national airport suzanne kennedy abc seven news. >> the snow is still falling and the highest total we've seen so far is 30 inches in massachusetts. that's about a half hour west of boston. north of providence residence tell crews they can't make their way into neighborhoods yet. a friend of one of our producers sent us this footage and says his unofficial measurement, some more than 20 inches of snow around 11:30. and the mayor is praising the travel ban with helping crews keep up. >> people have stayed indoors
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and allowed us to plow the streets freely. >> along cape cod wind gusts were between 60-70 miles an hour and some streets are flooding along the coast. new york ended up not getting nearly as much snow as it expected. this is a time lapse as the storm hit the statue of liberty. look at this. it runs from 8:00 o'clock yesterday morning to 8 o'clock this morning.'ll have a live report in just a moment. >> tphef seen that perspective before. >> and this is the storm watch weather sent he. >> where is the storm now. >> southeast off the coast of maine and still cranking. we're seeing the end of the pattern. we'll give you a close-up look now. moving westward into inland sections now just clearing main bangor, maine, and inland, and wound uptight and spinning and
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spinning and spinning and will continue to do that through the next several hours. eventually the snow fall will diminish. look at some of the snow fall totals. worcester, mass, and windham 22. and this is still more to fall. we'll see the numbers be really impressive on the wind gauge. the airport 78 mile per hour gusts and the samed a bedford. locally, it's a breeze. we're in the thirties now but we've got very cold temperatures and very low wind chills coming tonight. we'll highlight those in a few minutes of the >> doug, we'll see you then. now to the travel impacts of all of this. a limited number of flights are expected to start arriving at the three major airports around new york tonight. but regular operations won't be up and running until tomorrow morning. marcy gonzales live outside of central park with the impact on
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that region. hi, marcy. >> hi, alison. the snow has finally stopped here. it's actual abeautiful day in new york city. this was not the historic blizzard that was predicted but it did hit hard further north. >> in this flooded frozen town in massachusetts, evidence of the blizzard's brutal impact. >> this morning at high tide an 80-foot section of the sea wall just crumbled and you can see how ocean street now is a river. >> other parts of the state coping with power outages and some places getting nearly three feet of snow. in boston and elsewhere in new england the effects are still being felt. >> the drifting continues to be an issue and the blowing. there are drifts now as high as 4, 5, 6 feet. >> while parts of long island, new york are buried too. >> we got hammer and still coming down. >> for a lot of areas the storm
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was nothing compared to what was expected. one national weather service meteorologist tweeting you made a lot of tough decisions expecting to us get it right and we didn't. once again i'm sorry. there were unprecedented precautions taken in new york city where for the first time ever the mass transit system was shut down for snow leaving some stranded, but today subways and buses are running and the bridges and tunnels and roads are back open. >> we obviously missed the worst of this storm which is a blessing for new york city. >> and here in central park you can see people taking full advantage of that so-called blessing. the mayor is not apologizing saying he has no regrets about being so cautious. live in new york city, marcy gonzales, abc seven news. >> we're dealing with pretty
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frigid temperatures here and the blizzard of course slammed new england. but here's perspective. part of canada is experience record warmths this january. for the past 13 days a warm snap put temperatures over the freezing mark. even a record on sunday when the high reached 4.6 degrees sent grade. so they're celebrating. >> yes, four degrees. shifting gears. >> northern virginia bureau chief has new numbers from a poll on legalizing marijuana. >> they have shown really across the nation altitudes are shifting kwebgly when it comes to marijuana and now it appears that support is on the rise to loosen marijuana restrictions
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here in virginia. look at these numbers. this is a new poll out today. it reveals that 71% of virginians support decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana and 69% support legalizing it for medicinal purposes. now a bill is up at the general assembly to decriminalize small amounts of pot but not expected to pass. in northern virginia today we found mixed views on this subject. >> particularly for medical uses i would be accepting of it. >> i'm sure there are medical reasons it helps but i think it it can be abused more than it it can be as a benefit. >> people in verge kwraeupb are more open to relaxing marijuana laws that is not necessarily mean it's going to translate
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into action in richmond. we'll explain why that is the case coming up tonight at 6 o'clock. live in the news room, jeff goldberg. abc seven news. >> new at four mormon church is calling for new measures protecting gay rights. it's for legal protection for church members who object to the behaviors of others. it still oppose gay marriages but calling for a kpwaled approach between gay rights and religious freedom. >> they say he just walked out but will the man at the heart controversial prisoner exchange face charges. we'll get the latest on sergeant bow bow bo bergdahl. >> where this boat was found and where it has been for the last four years.
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>> a local community center but doesn't bother taking the computers inside. find out what they were after that
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from a robbery in san francisco california, where thieves in an suv smashed through the glass of the doors of the wells fargo and made out with gold nuggets on display. they said that the company is grateful no one was hurt and historic stage coaches on display were not damaged. robers targeted an arlington food assistance center. >> but they didn't take any of the electronics in the office just the food. the food would have been distributed there. diane. >> well, alison, this is the location behind me that helps about 40 families that are in need every week providing them things like fresh fruit and fresh eggs. it happened some time between friday afternoon and saturday morning and they didn't even discover it until the day they were supposed to dib tribute it to the families here in the
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community. they donated food from the assistance center about a mile away from who and they were able to deliver more so the families were supposed to receive it and didn't leave without food for the week. >> do you a like fish, chicken? >> it's probably a family or individual who was looking for today and a target of opportunity. they saw it and that is a community that has a lot of families in need. so, i imagine that it was probably taken by somebody who indeed needs the food. >> coming up at five hear just how many families in the county this organization helps every week. in arlington abc seven news. >> thank you. well army sergeant bo bergdahl could be charged with he desertion. fox news and nbc news say charges could come went week.
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army said it completed its investigation into the circumstances sour rounding bergdahl's capture. some claimed he deserted his post. bergdahl was freed in may, you'll remember, in which change for the release of five taliban prisoners. >> now to a developing story about 30 minutes ago investigators in georgia confirmed they found the bodies of a missing couple and are now awaiting autopsy results. the bodies of 61-year-old and wife june were recovered yesterday. that is where the couple travelled to answer a car ad. he gay false staeuplz and attempt to commit they have. >> they're giving up efforts to recover the wreckage of flight 8501. and comes nearly a month after the commercial jet crashed into
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the sea. the recovery operation had been hindered by bad weather and technical problems. search and rescue will continue working though to retrieve 92 bodies still missing. 72 bodies were recovered. 162 people were killed. people in okinawa, japan found a fishing boat more than 1200 miles from the place where it was swept to sea in the 2011 tsunami. it was discovered upside down on a beach. it belongs to a fishery and the engine is missing. the hull is covered in barnacles. >> doug's here now. weather has certainly been the hot topic and it continues to be. >> win of the things that is happening now while the northeast is bitterly cold wait until you see the temperatures closer to the rockies it's the
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opposite. let's give you a live look at conditions at montgomery college. 29 degrees and a bit of a breeze. average high is 44. 31 right now in washington and 33 33 degrees in gaithersburg and 36 degrees in inannapolis. feels like 22 at andrews and 28 now in annapolis. the northwesterly winds will be 10-15 miles an hour. but the air temperatures will drop to between 14-23 degrees tomorrow morning and that combination of those temperatures and winds will knock wind chills into the single numbers. these are air temperatures, 18 in boston right now and 13 in syracuse and 13 at laguardia. we know we're in the lower
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thirties. we see more cold air and more cold air after more cold air. we'll give a 60% chance of rain, snow or a mix sunday night and that little thing you see on monday. you know who that is, don't you? that's punxsutawney fill. take him out of his cage and hold him up. we'll see what happens.
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>> it's always hilarious. we'll see. >> okay. meanwhile we'll rely on you. time for a check on the traffic situation. bob and the traffic center. hi bob. >> the road conditions today are good. mostly dry roadways and pretty light volume of traffic leaving the belt way in prince george's county. the reason is we had a crash about two here on 66 headed out to the west it's really moving pretty well this afternoon. 295 south is getting out of the belt way of the activity of the wilson bridge and this what is traffic is looking like on 66. we're doing okay. really on 95 headed south past 123 and not even slowing down here and generally good on 270 headed northbound and beyond up into frederick county. i'm bob with 103.5. >> coming up on a bc seven news
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at four. a close encounter with a friend. when an asteroid flew by earth. >> a massive office building. find where fanny mae is moving. >> from tax free to taxable. we get a look at the changes
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>> car properties is expected to redevelop the 700,000 foot property in washington after the post moves out. no date has been announced the move is expected to happen in the next few years. well the president is calling for a tax on 529 funds to raise $320 billion of added revenue for the government. >> christine outlines that plan and gets some reaction. >> are you ready buddy? am i going to be the penguin? >> he hasn't even started kiut like many his are already thinking about college. >> when i wept to college i didn't have any saving at all. but for nate she and her husband opened up a 529 college savings plan. >> as soon as he was born. >> it's at same plan president obama has proposed to change taxing the previously tax exempt
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college savings account when the money is taken out. >> this is an assault on the american dream. >> ryan is the tax policy director and worries the proposal will disincentivize people. >> no one in their right mind would save after tax dollars which then becomes taxable when they go to distribute it for college. >> many members of congress have already come forward saying it would never get their vote. >> the white house says the extra tax revenue would help pay for other things like his plan for free community college for two years. >> the reforms that the president has proposed for the 529 program are reforms we would consider in context of other reforms he put forward.
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>> we are want to be able to follow his passion and dreams and not have to worry about how to pay for it. >> it might be limited to music and hockey. >> i'm christine abc7 news. >> they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. >> but still ahead how you may be able to make a hardboiled egg unboiled again. >> water main breaks and sends about a foot of muddy water into a basement. we'll tell you why the homeowner says she shouldn't have to pay for the damage and who she thinks should have to. >> i'm kevin lewis. after the break, i'll explain why buying a dog in certain parts of maryland m
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>> the president of the montgomery says he has never received this much feedback in his time on the council. >> he says most of it has been positive as the county debates banning pet stores from selling dogs and cats from commercial
4:30 pm
breeders. kevin. the purpose would limit the power and the play of puppy mills. they couldn't be happier about this legislation. there are 10,000 active puppy mills here in the united states all combined. they turn out more than 2 million dogs a year. counsel president wants to change ha and he has introduced legislation that would prohibit pet stores in montgomery county from selling dogs and cats. the only exception pet stores obtain from a shelter or non-profit rescue center. as it stands cities in ten different states has laws restricting pet store puppy sales of some rescue center.
4:31 pm
as it stands cities in ten different states has lawssort. >> it's cruel to the animals that are used in the breeding process and wrong for the customers that are purchasing the animals not to know where their dog or cat is coming from. >> now you may be surprised to learn there's only one store in all of montgomery county that sales dogs and cats. i spoke with the store's owner today by telephone and he told me he disagrees with the language and intent of this bill. we're live and kevin lewis abc7 news. >> we're asking if you think puppy mills and the sale of pets be allowed. go join in the conversation. we'll share a few of your responses later in this newscast. >> you may see the sun but you didn't feel much of the warmth. >> meteorologist doug hill with
4:32 pm
a check on the forecast of the hi doug. >> hi. 31 degrees outside the studios and later tonight all across the area temperatures will drop into the teens to the low 20s and gusty winds will make it feel colder. let's get a look at the snow machine picking up snow showers and some just western montgomery county. by the time it hits the snow showers it's a couple thousand feet off the ground. snow flurries with these northerly winds all part of the backlash of this huge blizzard continuing to swirl off new england and southeastern maine. we drop between 14 and 23 degrees. it will be breezy. windshields will be in the singlel digits and over the next few day as couple more opportunities for snow or a wintery mix. we'll highlight that in our seven day. >> thanks so much, doug. the blizzard wasn't just snow
4:33 pm
but created a pwhreuzblizzard of social media posts. we see what people have been seeing and saying in the northeast. joes wesie josie. >> from virginia, all the way up to boston where they have some bragging rights on snow this time around, social media makes it easy to see the happy moments and the hassles from the blizzard. we want to show you somewhat of we have found. this is one of the pictures out have boston. imagine you have dug out your car. if you are the person who cleared this out you'll hold on to this parking spot. and what do you do in new york when the city shuts down? lots of people have the same idea. check out this idea. this is prospect park in manhattan. they have a good time shredding. check out this guy, snowman even bigger than him. this is #blizzard2015.
4:34 pm
the no piled up so high it's hiding a lot of the cars and that's a problem for the city of boston and the people who live there and another big problem when you have snow this high, how in the world do they get it out of the roads. this is what somebody put it out on instagram. this is what my street looks like right now in boston. you and got to make the best of it. what do you do with all this snow and ice? you use it for the refrigeration for all the beers that will get you through. we want to show you a couple of -- cutting a path really deep of the going to be a problem getting people out. who has more fun than a dog. it looks like a bear and he's struggling to get through this snow. look at this poor little guy. the best caption of all says, what blizzard? these guys love it if you ask anybody. we'll send it back to you guys. >> all right. always entertaining.
4:35 pm
thank you, josie. seven is on your side this afternoon for a virginia woman finding herself in a battle with the town of vienna. she contacted abc7 after a water main break caused of herself in thousands of water damage along bucknell drive. investigator looked into it and chris, what did you find? >> well, there is just a little bit of water got into this vienna basement, it was a lot of water. this is where the waterline came to thousands of with this muddy soupy murky water. this is 12 or 13 inches above the ground here. you have to walk further to get into her basement. you're talking more than -- a water main break the third here in this neighborhood and the woman who lives here does not feel she has to pay for it because the pipes are owned by the utility company ands
4:36 pm
not her fault. after all this restoration is done, all the laptops and the turn cher and draw wall are -- audible interruption. >> we're having issues with his audio. we'll check back in later. an asteroid that buzzed by work was so big it had its own moon. the giant rock and its tiny relatively companion a 230 foot wide moon of the the is a steriod itself is about a third of a mile in size. now the objects only missed us by about 745,000 miles and three times as far away as earth's moon. >> you may not be able to unscramble an egg but unboil one. researchers at the university of california irvine say they have figured out a way to unclump the protein that bind together when
4:37 pm
an egg is cooked. they're using chemicals to break those bonds. the work could help scientists restore other proteins from pharmaceuticals to cheese opening doors to all kinds of research. >> coming up on abc7 news at 4:00. a look at what that caused that outage for facebook last night. >> first seven is on your side to help avoid losing money on discounts over those counter drugs. >> here's a look of the question of the day. should puppy mills be allowed. let us know what you think about it on the
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>> pep sid tylenol and advil, they look like they belong in the stockroom of your local drugstore n reality all these were stolen in an elaborate shoplifting ring. >> they go into stores. they'll steal the product and
4:41 pm
ultimately they'll sell it to a middleman. >> that person would take these medications and try to resell online. sometimes by as much as 30% less. but this game actually poses a serious health risk. you can see the side many of these medications must be stored at a specific temperature in order to be safe. a lot of times in the scam they are not. >> when these things are stolen, they're either stored in warehouses and sometimes in cars in the hot weather. >> the criminals involved are focused on money and not temperatures or expiration dates. >> someone consume a product that's possibly spoiled. they can get sick and one of our main concerns was a lot of product in the scheme was baby formula. >> some advice, be weary of online deals far below typical market value. >> well, it closed its doors just a few weeks ago. >> up next on abc7 news at 4:00.
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a look at what's ahead for one of the most popular places to watch soccer in the area. >> holocaust survivors mark the 70th anniversary of aurb witnesses. one survivor talks about her survival and family. >> it could cost you the right to dri
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>> new information on a popular arlington bar that closed last month. summers restaurant plans to reopen in a few weeks. the own are said he received a new two year lease from landlord companies and according to the "washington post" hopes to open in time for the uef champion league matches on february 17th. he was named best soccer bar in the u.s. back in 2002. >> texting and driving in the nation's capital could cost you your license. >> the city council is considering get a lot tougher on distracted driving. we are live in georgetown with the details on this. hi, steven.
4:46 pm
>> hi, alison. we have a law against distractive drawing. the city council is considering enacting a law for punishment for three tickets to the $400 and revocation of driver's license and vehicle registration for up to six months. >> it's a serious problem on our roads and if you're driving down the road and you see someone driving irrat kali and you see them paying more attention to the smart phone to the driving. >> mayor wants the city manager to hold the company libel for not complying with city code.
4:47 pm
a city attorney says uber does not meet the code definition of a taxi cab operation. therefore its drivers should have taxi cab operator licenses. the city plans to start siting this friday but will issue warnings before any actual tickets. and one more note here the ride company lift says it's doing away with those pink mustaches that you find. instead, the company plans to install glowing pink mustaches on the dashboard inside of the car. >> well tonight the montgomery county council will discuss whether to put new measures in effect it comes into sales of dogs and cats. >> our question of the day what do you think of the plan. helen echoed, stop breeding for our own shelfish purposes and start adopting beautiful loving animals that are being the montgomery county council will discuss
4:48 pm
whether to put new measures euthanized. >> we should be adopting rather than purchasing ones. >> don't we live in a free country? if done the right way ask they're not hurting any g laws they're not all bad. at least they would have a better home and a better chance at a home in the store than from a parking lot on the side of the road or even in the trunk of a car. you can join the conversation on our wjla facebook page. >> here's what is trending right now. facebook blames an internal glitch for an overnight outage on its site. shortly after midnight shortly facebook and the instagram went down. facebook officialss ate glitch was due to a technical change on its site. the outage affected users in the u.s. asia, australia and the u.k. >> finds men who post a lot of selfies on social media might be
4:49 pm
psychopaths. we searchers at ohio state uft say men who post a lot of selfies tend to exhibit higher levels of narcissim. they compiled data on 800 participants and found men who were mostly to edit their selfies before posting them were even more narcissistic and self objectifying. say no more. >> proof right there. >> i want to know, scott -- >> nobody is talking about you, scott. >> why doesn't this apply to women too? >> i don't know. >> very good question. >> more research needed. >> absolutely. thanks for sharing. >> one more note here doug. >> coming up at five serious story. a teenager was accidentally shot boy an d.c. police officer and how he's recovering and what has
4:50 pm
him concerned at police. we take his concerns directly to the chief. >> we tell you about the conversation that landed a popular college analyst in jail. new details on greg anthony's arrest. let's turn to the weather. no selfies involved with these two psychopaths. that seems a little harsh it me. to jump you take your own picture to you're a psychopath. >> it's going to get cold and breezy. tomorrow will be one of the colder nights with windshields in the single digit. let's get you into snow tynes. the numbers for you, 31 degrees outside the studios here if arlington. lower thirties across the wide portion of the area. the backlash of the huge storm off the coast of main. 28 in cumberland.
4:51 pm
with gusty winds and temperatures between 14-23 windshield values single tkeupbl it is tomorrow morning. low pressure center. this is indicates the jetstream and the high level upper level winds also kind of resides on the other side a building ridge of high pressure and this is where the air is warming and is very warm across portions of the central and southern plain. western high plains 80 degrees right now. it is magnificent. 78 in dallas and 77 in oklahoma city but on the other side of the jetstream and & you're in the cold stuff and it's going to get progressively colder here. clearing skies to might and tons of sun tomorrow and thursday a clipper and cold front and then we'll turn somewhat sunnier on friday. but temperatures will take a nose dive late in the day. 30 on saturday and then on sunday another stronger low pressure, approach
4:52 pm
from the southwest and that could give us by sunday evening another chance of no snow and a wintery mix. of course i wonder how phil ve prague is no indicated the storm yesterday. i'm wondering. >> something to think about. >> we love to hear what he has to say every year. >> another thing to think about, the traffic situation out there. let's get to bob. he's in the traffic center. he has all the details. >> it's light out there traffic wise. really not a typical rush hour at all and doesn't seem like one. southbound on 295 slow on the inner loop. it's only the slow spot around. i-95 in virginia running at speed all the way down towards fred fred rick'sberg.
4:53 pm
66 heading west. i'm bob with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thank you srefpvery much. remember the past with a warning
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
300 survivors of the most notorious nazi death camps went back to auschwitz. more than 1.1 million people died at auschwitz today. the president of the world jewish congress told those gathered at this commemoration that a rise in anti-semitism around the world needs to stop to prevent another holocaust. several survivors also tkpwadzerred here in washington today for a ceremony at the u.s. hole hauft memorial museum. >> we spoke with one woman who rarely discusses her survival
4:57 pm
because seven decades later she says it is still too painful. >> all these years later ruth says it's still difficult to discuss but she feels she must. >> a lot of people are forgetting and a lot of people are not knowing and not caring to find out. >> at age 14 she and her family were transported from check shraf kwrobg i can't to auschwitz. >> i was lucky. they later learned 59 immediate family members were murdered. >> my mother and brother and children and all my aunts and uncles. when i think of them being in the gas chamber, the horror of how that went is unbearable. >> jacques's parents were killed in auschwitz. he was hidden with a catholic
4:58 pm
family. he goes it a holocaust museum commemorating the anniversary. >> in newspapers and universities after we're all gone will carry the lessons. >> that's why ruth cohen felt compelled to talk despite the deep pain. >> we have to be witnesses to what happened. >> president obama issued a statement today honoring victims and survivors of the holocaust. the recent attacks on paris served as a reminder. reporting in southwest washington abc7 news.
4:59 pm
a terrifying thought having to rescue your family and car being swallowed up out of a sink hole. >> right off a water main broke creating a sink hole and flooding homes. >> look at that you can see the driveway has collapsed and speaks to the power of the water flowing. from there and straight into these homes you can see why people had to get out in a hurry. >> for the family in the flood zone the first warning was a sound like a water fall. >> we didn't know what was going on. >> i saw a bunch of water rush
5:00 pm
into inside the house. >> in the basement darwin scrambled to get his wife and kids to safety. they climbed in the family car thinking they could drive through the water. >> right into a growing sink hole. for him and his little sisters it was scary. >> >> it swallowed their car and nearly another. nobody got hurt. >> it's a familiar story and old pipe 90 years old installed in 1925. when calvin


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